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Bayer CropScience Combined Regional Sales 2017


Bayer CropScience Combined Regional Sales 2017


Combined Regional Sales

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Bayer CropScience segment sales declined 14.1% (-15.4% CER & inflation adjusted) in Q2, with volumes down by 13.7%, price down by 2.1% and currency up by 1.7%. For the H1 2017 period sales declined 3.1% (-5.4% CER and inflation adj) with volumes declining 4.3%, price 1.1% and currency +2.3%.

Europe, Middle East & Africa

The EMEA region contributing 45% of segment sales was virtually flat with a growth of 1.2% in Q2 and 2.3% in H1 2017. The increase in insecticides, seed treatments and speciality products was offset by declines in fungicides in crop protection chemicals. Seeds sales performed well in the region.

North America

North American sales with a 36% contribution, grew 6.6% in Q2 and 10.8% in H1 2017. Business was driven by seed treatments, fungicides and some herbicides.

Latin America

Latin America performed the poorest with a decline of 120% in Q2 and 71% in H1 2017, for reasons stated above.

Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific with a contribution of 15.6% to segment sales saw growth of 0.9% in Q2 with 3.5% growth in H1 2017.

Segment Profitability

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The CropScience EBIT declined 61% before special items to €212 million, while after special items it declined 77% to €117 million. Special items included restructuring costs €22 million, litigations €2 million, acquisition costs €68 million and divestments €40 million.

Crop protection EBIT declined by 140% to (€143 million) in Q2 and by 48% to €543 million in H1 2017. This was largely due to low prices, reduced fungicide volumes and returns in Brazil.

Environmental Science EBIT was €78 million in Q2 with growth of 7.8%, while H1 2017 EBIT was €146 million with growth of 8.9%.% derived from vector control sales, turf & golf course sales and bulk sales to SBM Development. BioScience, their seed and traits segment saw growth of 4.9% in Q2 and 2.7% in H1 2017, mainly from canola and vegetable seeds.

Research & Development

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Research & Development costs increased by 1.2% in Q2 to €275 million and by 4.6% to €558 million in H1 2017, with higher spending in both crop protection +4.5% and seeds & traits +5.3%.

Non-crop R&D costs declined as the business has been transferred and will grow again as the company’s future becomes clearer. Bayer is also in discussion with Yara Fertilisers, to share their data system for precision farming. This will most likely be used only in EMEA as the chances of the consolidation with Monsanto, would give them the option of using Climate Control in North America.