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Non-Crop Regional Sales

Sales of speciality and professional products in Q2 declined 2.5%, while sales in H1 2017 declined 9.9%. Early in the year the cool and wet season was partly to blame delaying treatments. Notwithstanding their superior anti-termite products based on Spinosad/Spinetoram, DAS faces increasing competition in USA/Canada from companies like Agro-Kanesho who are offering dazomet (Basamid™) which they acquired from BASF – in the same space. In addition, some low-priced generics and alternatives offered by regional players compete with this range.

Lower priced generic chlorpyrifos insecticides are sold for construction, soil treatment storage and public health in several countries particularly where older products including pyrethroids are still in demand. Cheaper products imported from China, India and Israel are now taking market share from DAS.

Sales of high-performance products based on spinetoram and spinosad helped offset lost sales of the older products. Rangeland herbicides are still their strength and DAS manages to retain a strong position here, despite an ageing range of products. DAS retained its position as a supplier of Telone fumigant for soil fumigation and sterilisation.

The outlook for H2 2017 is expected to be flat as they focus on their other products.