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Speciality & Professional Products

Sales of speciality and professional products grew by 8.6% in Q2 2017 and by 3.7% for the H1 period. Sales mostly occurred in North America and pockets of EAME and Latin America. The outlook for the rest of 2017 remains flat as their portfolio is highly reduced.

Seed treatments are performing well with a 24.5% increase in Q2 and a 23% increase in H1 2017. Results have been very positive particularly for rynaxypyr-based insect control and their associated fungicidal treatments for wheat, corn, soybeans. Sales are forecast to grow strongly for H2 2017 and over the next few years.

Growth from Dermacor™ and Lumigen™ Seed Treatments in North and Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina) have improved with increased usage on their proprietary Pioneer™ seeds as well as 3rd party sales. Their biologicals for inoculants in pasture/forage and silage crops face competition from several other suppliers in most countries.

The outlook for their ST business is positive with similar performance in North America and Europe for the H2 2017 season.