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The data provided in the accompanying tables and the analysis for the current quarter ending 30 September 2017 are based on market estimates compiled from different sources as the company has not reported results due to their de-listing from the Swiss and other stock exchanges.

Lawn and Garden/Controls and Flowers

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Sales of the Lawn and Garden (now labelled as Controls and Flowers) businesses grew by 0.4% or 0.5% on a CER basis during Q3 while growing 1.8% or 2.5% on a CER basis during the first 3 quarters of 2017. Sales in Controls were flat (0.4%) or 0% on a CER basis with some delays in insecticides for public health/vector control tenders in sub-Saharan Africa, North & Latin America as well as in the Middle-East.

The vector control products are basically new formulations created to tackle resistant strains – pirimiphos-m in an encapsulated suspension to tackle pyrethroid resistant strains of mosquitoes and deltamethrin/IconCS™ to facilitate longer term residual control in mosquito nets. Sales grew however, for the 9 months to date, by 2.9% or 3.8% on a CER basis, with contributions from landscaping and golf course products led by the SDHI fungicide Velista™.

Flower seed sales in Q3 grew 2.9% or 3% on a CER basis and declined (0.7%) grew 1% on a CER basis during the 9 months to date of 2017 due to better distribution in North America.

Outlook for Q4 and the full year 2017 is generally positive as demand for mosquito/vector control to curtail spread of the Zika virus in the Americas, dengue, malaria and chinkungunya in Asia, Africa and Latin America increases. The hot and wet weather conditions this year in many parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America as well as in parts of North America are highly conducive to breeding of major mosquito species, black-flies which should create a demand for vector control products from key suppliers.

The luxury market of turf and golf courses continues to grow, especially as the latter becomes more fashionable in developing and in developed country economies.